How to Make Invisible Ink Messages

One of the Scout Elves' favorite methods of communication is invisible ink! Spend the afternoon with your family experimenting with three of the Scout Elves' favorite techniques for sharing classified messages with invisible ink! Read More

Easter Craft: Chicks in a Basket

A fresh face of spring is popping up to chirp its “Hello” just in time for Easter! Baby chicks are as iconic to Easter as Scout Elves are to Christmas, and these little birdies made from cotton balls are the perfect addition to any Easter celebration! Read More

How to Make a Sensory Bottle

Twirling beads, roaming rubber bands, swirling snowflakes … these items are perfect for creating a variety of sensory bottles, a DIY craft excellent for engaging little ones’ senses and bringing the family together for a crafting day! Read More

Fresh Ideas for Rainy Day Games

April is known for its showers, and it has inspired the Scout Elves to provide you with great indoor game ideas. Easy to pull off with items from around the house, these rainy day games will create a full day of indoor fun that the whole family can enjoy! Read More

Easy April Fools’ Day Jokes

This year, lose the whoopee cushion, and forget the “dad jokes,” too because the Scout Elves have much easier—and impressive—ways to elicit laughs this April Fools’ Day. Create pranks inspired by the Scout Elves’ favorite humorous antics from Christmas seasons past. Read More

Easy-to-Make DIY Seed Bombs

This week, the Scout Elves are planting pine trees and poinsettias at the North Pole, making it even more beautiful! They're having so much fun, they wanted to share a fun DIY craft to help you complete your spring planting plans: seed bombs! Read More

DIY North Pole Glitter Slime

During all their tinkering and crafting at the North Pole, the Scout Elves found a fun way to give a kid-favorite craft an extra touch of sparkle! This DIY North Pole glitter slime—also known as homemade putty—is full of sparkles that shimmer as brilliantly as freshly fallen North Pole snow! Read More

The Best Ways to Make Fake Snow

Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland, but not getting any beautiful white snow to make it a reality? Don't wait on the weather to make your wintry wishes come true. Just follow the Scout Elves' simple solution: make fake snow! Read More

Ideas for Family Movie Night

What better way is there to kick back with loved ones than by watching a Christmas special or two. This time-honored tradition is practically a Christmas rite of passage. To make the viewing extra special, try out some of the fun movie night ideas we’ve provided below. Happy watching, friends! Read More

Free Printable Letter from Santa

Santa receives so many letters each year—more than 500 million to be exact—and he loves reading every single one! Responding to each letter that makes its way to his mail room grotto is a big task—even for Santa! So this year, Santa created a special letter just for you! Read More

DIY Halloween Costumes

Bring a touch of Christmas spirit to your Halloween festivities with these adorable DIY costumes designed by the Scout Elves! Kids can choose to dress up as one of Santa’s red-suited helpers, a special North Pole pet or even iconic symbols of Christmas by using the Scout Elves’ handy instructions. Read More

Easy DIY Scout Elf Costume

We’re sure your little one would love to dress up as your family’s favorite North Pole visitor this Hallow’s Eve. Just follow the DIY instructions below to create an award-worthy Scout Elf costume in no time. Happy trick-or-treating, friends! Read More

Games on the Go

Scout Elves know a thing or two about making travel time all about fun! As your family sets out on summer vacations or day trips, take some game ideas from the elves to keep little ones entertained and occupied no matter the destination! Read More

DIY Snow Globes

Scout Elves love spirited décor—especially snow globes, which capture the snowy wonder of the holiday season! Now, you can create snow globes for year round delight. Add fun decorations for a simple twist on a popular Christmas knickknack turned summertime craft! Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The time has come to celebrate all the listeners, lovers, fixers and friends—the women that most of us simply know as “mom”! Use these three great homemade gift ideas to set the stage for a dainty Mother’s Day tea party with a little extra planning. Read More