Exciting Activities You Can Do with Your Elf Pets®

The only thing more exciting than the arrival of your Scout Elf this season may be the fact that kids can play a big role in helping Santa complete his Christmas duties! All they need are their Elf Pets® to cuddle and play with. If your child has been searching for new ideas to inspire playtime with their Elf Pets®, look no further. Use this list to inspire little ones to create fun memories with their furry friends both during the holiday season and all year long! The best part is each activity will help your family build plenty of Christmas spirit to make this year’s holiday a great success! Santa can’t thank you enough.

Make a Mini Surprise

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

The Elf Pets® love playing with mini items that are just their size! See what household items you and your kids can use to make a corral, a special toy or even a bed for your North Pole pals. To hone your miniature crafting skills, try making the tiny earmuffs shown here from a piece of pipe cleaner and two small pom-poms.

Plan a Picnic

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

A checkered towel, tiny snacks, a fun backdrop featuring mini toys—spare no detail as you help your child plan a petite picnic that can be enjoyed with your family's Elf Pets®.

Host an Elf Pets® Daycare

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Kids can run their very own Elf Pets® daycare, just like one they would send your family’s pet to! Have them begin by creating a to-do list, such as give a bath, go for a walk, teach a new trick and give out a treat, and tell them to mark each off as they pamper their pet!

Do Something Nice

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Your Elf Pets® Saint Bernard is on a mission to gather Christmas spirit, which is created whenever kids are kind and help others. Little ones can do their part by doing something kind such as writing a card to a sick friend, chipping in to help make dinner or even getting a special treat for someone else, like this Scout Elf is doing for his Elf Pets® Saint Bernard.

Make a Paws-itively Delicious Treat

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Encourage your child to make a delightful treat that they can enjoy with their Elf Pets® Saint Bernard. If your family has a dog, you can even research treats to make that are dog and human friendly, so all your pups can enjoy! As a finishing touch, use a doggie-friendly icing to draw puppy pawprints on the cookies to create the “paw-fect” snack!

Dream Up a New Game

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Elf Pets® love to play, and there are endless ways they like to have fun! Gather toys from around the house (and maybe even a game board), and ask your kids to reinvent the rules. They can give their new game a fun name and play it with friends and your family's North Pole pet in tow!

Create a Surprise

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Unlike Scout Elves, Elf Pets® aren't required to fly back to the North Pole each night of the holiday season. This leaves time for your child to create a surprise for their Scout Elf with the help of their Elf Pets®! Help your child create tiny treats and signs for your family's Elf Pets® to sit near, and when your elf returns from the North Pole, they’ll be ecstatic to see a treat waiting for them!

Let Your Creativity Flow

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Print out these free coloring sheets, featuring the Elf Pets® Reindeer, and give them to your kids. With their Elf Pets® Reindeer by their side, they can create their own art pieces paying homage to these classic Christmas characters!

Get Coloring Sheets

Read All About It

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

Each Elf Pets® Reindeer and Elf Pets® Saint Bernard comes with its own storybook telling an enchanting tale about their special job for Santa. With your kids and their North Pole pets, read the stories to understand their special duties—and then help them achieve it!

Snuggle, Snuggle, Snuggle

Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

There's no better way to create Christmas spirit than with a good cuddle with the Elf Pets®! This joyous cast of Christmas characters are the perfect companions for creating faith, hope and love and making sure Santa can use all that Christmas spirit for his Christmas duties!

Adopt your very own Elf Pets® Reindeer or Elf Pets® Saint Bernard for a season filled with excitement, and to help Santa make Christmas a total success! Browse the entire Elf Pets® collection now!